Speed Reading News Articles and News Content Online

Speed reading is getting to be a skill that is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity and a requirement for living in the information age. This is because the information flow from newspapers, TV, and the Internet comes at us and bombards us so quickly that we will drown if we cannot keep up. Believe it or not you may already be a speed reader and not even realize it. And luckily the mass media has helped us in our quick intake of information.

They have cut out much of the plot in the news articles and even a TV has the various segments down to three or four minutes. This is because the attention span of Americans has dwindled to such a low amount, that if they don’t keep you entertained and up with the chaos and controversy of the moment they realize that you will tune out. That’s all your attention span is worth these days.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that we are all forced into speed reading in real-time classes. Did you know that the average news article online is only 200 words, this is because those people who are in the online media realize that the average Internet surfer clicks in and out of a new page every 30 seconds, and if they are not done reading the article they click out anyway just have a habit.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could read an entire page and 30 seconds, just so you can keep up with yourself? The fact is you can with a little practice, the same practice you’ve been giving yourself as you been clicking in and out, page after page as you surf online.

You should read the first paragraph and the last paragraph and then scan the center of the article for tidbits of information, facts and figures, names, and locations. And then you should start at the top again and scan down to the bottom, that’s about all I can tell you in this article, I’ve already had you for over a minute and I’m surprised you even have read this far. Please consider all this.

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