Speed Reading News Articles and News Content Online

Speed reading is getting to be a skill that is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity and a requirement for living in the information age. This is because the information flow from newspapers, TV, and the Internet comes at us and bombards us so quickly that we will drown if we cannot keep up. Believe it or not you may already be a speed reader and not even realize it. And luckily the mass media has helped us in our quick intake of information.

They have cut out much of the plot in the news articles and even a TV has the various segments down to three or four minutes. This is because the attention span of Americans has dwindled to such a low amount, that if they don’t keep you entertained and up with the chaos and controversy of the moment they realize that you will tune out. That’s all your attention span is worth these days.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that we are all forced into speed reading in real-time classes. Did you know that the average news article online is only 200 words, this is because those people who are in the online media realize that the average Internet surfer clicks in and out of a new page every 30 seconds, and if they are not done reading the article they click out anyway just have a habit.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could read an entire page and 30 seconds, just so you can keep up with yourself? The fact is you can with a little practice, the same practice you’ve been giving yourself as you been clicking in and out, page after page as you surf online.

You should read the first paragraph and the last paragraph and then scan the center of the article for tidbits of information, facts and figures, names, and locations. And then you should start at the top again and scan down to the bottom, that’s about all I can tell you in this article, I’ve already had you for over a minute and I’m surprised you even have read this far. Please consider all this.

Does Computer Software and Hardware Work Separately?

Computer hardware software are two opposing components that make up desktop computers and notebooks. They work together in harmony to allow the user to operate his or her electronic device. However, they are completely opposite in their functions and abilities. It is essential that you understand the difference if you want to operate any such electronic device.

These two must work together and work properly or the machine will be nothing more than an expensive paperweight sitting on your desk. In this article we will discuss the differences between the two and how they function together as a cohesive team.

Computer software is different than hardware in that these are the programs, procedures and documentation that cause the machine to be operated by the user. The software is classified into three different categories. The first is system software.

The system software helps the machine run. The second class is the programming software which allows the programmer to write new programs. The final category is the application software. The application software is any non computer related tasks.

Desktop computers and notebooks consist of tangible products that cause the machine to run. These include any memory modules such as RAM (Random Access Memory), mouse, keyboards, and all circuitry components within the machine such as mother boards, sound cards and video cards.

Even your power source is a vital asset that makes the machine run. The term “software” can be attributed to John W. Turkey in 1958, though there were earlier essays and theories dating back to the 1930s.

Computer hardware software works together. The software is loaded onto the hardware so you see how vital each system is and how they must work together for the computer to operate. This is especially important in the case of memory modules. Without both components you would have a machine that could not run or a machine that could not access memory.

Computer hardware software works together and you must know that your computer memory software is loaded directly onto the RAM chips. How much information is stored and how fast the computer can access the information is determined by the software working in tandem to store the information onto the hardware.

Most users never have to worry about the software outside of installing certain programs onto their computer. The same goes for the hardware. Outside of the keyboards and mouse, you really will only need to worry about system requirements and storage.

Starting A Home Business Online – 5 Points To Consider

Having a home business, especially a home business online, is becoming a very popular option for people looking to supplement their main income base or even replacing it. Internet marketing tends to be the preferred venture that most people turn to when starting a home business online. The reason being is that many successful internet marketers are now helping people get started by offering websites with the cost of set up free or very low cost. And even though there are several internet marketing programs available online, you will want to make sure you join the program that best fits You. So here are a few ideas that might help you to decide the right program.

1. Search on Google for unbiased opinions of the program you could be interested in. No company is going to get 100 percent positive reviews, but if 75 percent or higher of the reviews are positive, that should be a very good affiliate program to partner up with. Also look on their website to see if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. This way you know they are a credible business.

2. Make sure they have a website with products and services already in place for you to promote. The absolute best internet marketing programs offer their downline this and more. You do not want to start off spending a lot of money creating a website and then trying to find something to promote on your site and hope it makes you a profit. The best programs will set your site up with multiple products or services to market that are the best money-makers. If your initial investment is less than $200 you are definitely on the right track.

3. Be sure your new business offers specific training. This will be the most vital part of your business. Since you are new to affiliate marketing you will need the best training you can get. The best affiliate programs will make sure you get the best training you can get. Why? Because their success is based on your success. These mentors will teach you everything you need to know to get your new business making money as fast as possible.

4. You want your affiliate commissions on personal sales at 50 percent or more. Many companies online have gone to a multi-level marketing type business, so not only do you make money from your own personal sales, but also more money from your down line sales. So also be sure the products and services the affiliate program has on your website offer multi-level commissions.

5. Set yourself a budget and manage your time. One of the worst things you can do when starting an online home business is spending too much money on tools you do not need when starting out. Determine how much money you can comfortably afford each month and stick to that budget. Same with the time you will spend each day with your business. Set a goal to work your business so many hours each day and stick to it.

These are a few things you need to consider when starting an online business. Just remember that an online home business is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and hard work to build a successful online business so patience and being consistent will be big factors in your success.

7 Things to Sell To Make Money Online

Need a quick way to earn money? Why not sell stuff online? There is actually tons of old stuff lying around the house that can be sold online for an easy buck. Here’s a list of things that can be sold to make money online.

Old Clothes

Old clothes are among the most popular items sold over the internet. Old clothes can be anywhere from shirts that the kids outgrew to dresses that are out of style. There is also a great demand for designer items. Most people who can’t afford to buy new designer clothes are always looking for the best bargains online.


Once they’ve bought the designer clothes, people need to find cheap bags to go with them. Handbags are among the fastest-selling items on the web today. That’s why surplus selling websites offer up a lot of cash for old handbags. They even pay larger amounts for handbags that come with their original boxes and receipts.


There are times when people receive perfumes that are not their style. Although selling a gift is a battle between need and sentimental value, selling an unwanted bottle of perfume online can generate a lot of money. This is especially true if the perfume is a popular brand or a classic. One catch though, the perfume has to be unopened for the bottle to be worth anything. No one wants a half-empty bottle of perfume unless the seller was a famous actor or something.

Old CDs

Face it, most of the music created today can be bought online and are stored in computers or music players. So why hang on to old CD’s? A lot of people make money online through old CDs and DVDs especially if they were in a collection and in pristine condition.

The same can be said for old game CDs. Some gamers have a case of nostalgia and miss playing their old games. That’s when they look for cheap second hand game CDs online.


Selling jewelry online can help both men and women make money. Gold jewelry is especially hot in the internet because it never loses its value.

Homemade pieces of jewelry are also best sellers in the market. People can make jewelry out of anything including old soda cans, broken glass and crushed shells. How much they’re worth all depends on how unique the pieces are and how well they’re made. The same can be said for homemade key chains, phone decorations and brooches.


Although there’s a huge market now for e-books, there are still a lot of people who prefer holding the actual books in their hands to read them.
Books are excellent sellers online, especially for old editions. A really old book in pristine condition can even sell for thousands of dollars.

Old textbooks are excellent items to sell as well. A lot of students prefer to save by buying older editions of textbooks rather than buying the new copies, especially since most new versions have very little or no updates to the content anyway.


Not all people can afford to buy the latest gadgets and so they always look for the best deals they can find. The good thing about selling gadgets is that it doesn’t have to be new or unused. Most people will buy gadgets so long as they’re working. Plus, whatever type or brand it is, selling gadgets and electronics is a guaranteed way to make money online.